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Mindset Mastery & Conscious Creation

Evolve through Celina Belizan's Signature Inner Work Framework for your ultimate level up.

Your journey to control everything starts here.

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Celina Belizan Life Coach Mindset Coach Professional Speaker Empowerment Coach

Are your ready to become the highest vibing person you know?

Someone whose life seems effortless?

Someone who smiles on the inside ALL THE TIME?

Someone who creates and performs at a rate that seems to defy possibility?

The personal development world is broken.

 That's why I've taken the best from eastern knowledge and western wisdom to create a step by step program to take you from where you are to beyond what you are even capable of imagining right now.

Life is not supposed to be hard.

It's simply that we've been doing it all wrong. Once you have the education, tools and discipline, it becomes easy to feel empowered with clear direction at every moment of your life.

Right now, your entire nervous system is frayed—possibly even exhausted.

Perhaps you're plagued with this nagging feeling that you're missing out on the short time we have on this earth. Maybe it feels like the things you want just aren't in the cards for you.

Whether it's the uncertainty of the last few years, a dysfunctional relationship, or lack thereof, most of us have learned to cope and adapt the best we can, and more often than not, the wind has not been at our back.

Fortunately, there are ways to cope with—even to thrive inchaos.

Instead of drowning in chaos, you can learn to use every single aspect of your experience as a way to calibrate, catapult, and create the life you crave.

Once you learn the skills and protocal, you get to skip the guesswork and the months years of trial and error.

You don’t have to go through life feeling anxious about the next unpredictable conflict, uncertainty or crisis.
You don't have to go through your days trying to have a positive attitude, looking at the bright side, and feeling guilty about not being grateful.
You don't have to go to sleep at night ever again regretting the way you acted or worried about the people you love.

Instead, I promise you, you can learn to think, act, and build your best life in this chaotic, unpredictable world. 

It’s possible to achieve freedom and ease. It's possible to have whatever it is your missing.


My superpower is teaching you how and guiding you every step of the way. 

My goal: for you to be your own damn coach. 

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Celina Belizan Life Coach Mindset Coach Professional Speaker Empowerment Coach
In this six-week coaching program, I will teach you an approach based on ancient wisdom, brain science, and your alignment with who you really are.

This coaching program is an outside in / inside out approach: meaning that you will learn the hacks, tactics and tools to get immediate reliefs and wins, generating the momentum needed to create everlasting change on the deepest level.

Inside Mindset Mastery & Conscious Creation, you'll learn...

How it ALL works: your brain, body, ego, trauma, the subconscious and the conscious mind.

How to access your uniquely powerful purpose in every area of your life for lasting fulfillment.

How to live in harmony, peace and optimism regardless of your external circumstances.

How to methodically analyze your needs and those of others to have effective communication.

Exactly what to do to start your day in a way that guarantees more ease, joy and energy.

Skills to tap into the creativity, power and clarity within you and help you make your life so much easier.

How to let go of any sabotaging emotions, fears, or anxiety so you can act in absolute alignment. No more bad decisions! 

How to control your reactions rather than letting them be dictated by your triggers.Say goodbye to having to apologize for your blow-ups.

How to *re-parent* yourself so that you can never again be at the mercy of past traumas or limiting beliefsHasta la vista blame, judgment and victim mentality.

About the laws of creation, in ways that cerebral, analytical minds can embrace. You are a manifestor - do it with in intent to have what you want.

How to leverage the way your brain works, activate your vagus nerve, to self regulate in any situation.

How to have massive influence and impact while preserving your energy. Never again be at the mercy of someone's mood, or less evolved state. 

Every step we take together in Mindset Mastery & Conscious Creation will culminate in an opportunity to take concrete steps towards your goal. You'll know what to do every day to stay on your highest path. No more guesswork. 

You can look forward to seeing fast, real results every week.
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Are you ready to conquer your triggers, overcome doubt, claim confidence, and step into your full personal power?

Are you ready to invest in your one and only life?  Don't wait.

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