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What if you hated your job? And that job was parenting?

- How would it feel if you absolutely loved it? The way you imagined you would before you had kids?

I'm here to show you how to break free of the vicious reactionary cycle so you can achieve peace (without, you know, selling your kids on Craiglist)

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You’re trying hard enjoy their short childhoods but nothing seems to work and you fear you're missing out on time you'll never get back.



You feel like no matter what method you try, what inner work you do, you ultimately act in ways that you later regret and swear you'll never do again...



Forget connecting, you're exhausted with the non-stop arguments that seem to never (ever!) end. Would it break the universe to offer you a moment of quiet calm?

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There's no doubt about it:

Parenting. Is. HARD. 

You're not alone in the struggle (Lord knows I have been there!) But there are effective ways to overcome the chronic craziness to achieve a deeper calm. For you, and them. A lasting, real calm you probably haven't felt in a long while. Maybe ever. 

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Do you ever...

+ Question the choices you make? Wonder if you're repeating the same mistakes your parents made?

+ Worry that your child may take on the same insecurities and weaknesses that you struggle with? 

+ Feel overwhelmed by the never ending conflicting theories and opinions on what makes a good parent?

Celina Belizan Life Coach Business Coach Professional Speaker Conscious Parenting Coach
That's why I created...

The Reparenting Parenting Program

 Discover everything you need to know about Conscious Parenting, brain science, and attachment theory so that you can rise above your parenting challenges to be an empowered, confident, deeply secure parent.
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Celina Belizan Life Coach Business Coach Professional Speaker Conscious Parenting Coach
I offer a step-by-step roadmap for evolving YOU, so that you can have the most secure, guided and empowered relationship with your child.

You'll learn how to...

+ Handle every single conflict with grace and strength, modeling for your child as they learn how to handle conflict and emotions
+ Remove stress and tension between you and your partner
+ Raise your kid’s resilience and self-worth, while LIVING an inner world you'd wish for them as grown-ups

Through a series of powerful tools, mental frameworks, and an understanding of brain science, attachment theory, trauma, and more... 

You’ll learn how to self-regulate, make choices that align with your highest self, and then harness your own self-evolution to address your parenting challenges with compassion and empathy, at every stage of your child’s growth.

You'll KNOW that you are not "screwing up your kids". 

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In this 4 week program...
I'll systematically take you beyond the myths and all the crap holding you and your children back - while giving you the tools and guidance you need to raise your level of consciousness, and nurture a deep, meaningful connection with your child.

Whether you’re raising a toddler, young child, teenager, a young adult, or even if you’re expecting or trying for a child - this program will empower both you and your child to show up as the best versions you can be.

Together, we'll...

+ Break your unhealthy patterns, insecurities and behavioral habits before you unintentionally pass them on to your kids.

+ Establish healthy and happy boundaries for you and your children

+ Illuminate the path to heal yourself and recognize the role of your unconscious beliefs in your everyday reactions

+ Guide you to never again violate your true self, so you can effectively model how you want your child to respect themselves

Celina Belizan Life Coach Business Coach Professional Speaker Conscious Parenting Coach
Are you ready to feel enlightened in your parenting and empower your children, so that you all be more calm, connected, and joyful everyday?

Not to mention feeling confident that you're not going screw your kids up?!?

Remember none of us say "I wish my parents would have fixed me"... Many of us say "my parents really screwed me up". 

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